As you can see, I have glowing testimonials ūüôā¬† Okay, they’re all five years old or more as I took a break from computers¬†but my attitude has not changed one iota – you’re going to be well looked after.

Chris S : 10/8/2010

I’ve always been one to try to fix my computer problems myself since I can’t see paying someone good money to do a job that I can do. But seeing that it can be a very tedious and time consuming job, this time around, I decided to consult a professional. I researched all over the Downtown LA, Westside, Santa Monica, Culver City, and valley area..I even gave Staples and the Geek Squad a call. But at the end of the day, after having spoken with Dave, owner and tech at Computer Country, I had a gut feeling that he would do a good job.

Computer Problem #1: 6 yr old Dell Desktop crashes. First time consulting Computer Country. Dave was very professional. They gave me a few calls to let me know the status of my computer and within 24 hrs, had the computer reformatted and turned over to me. They also gave me a very fair and reasonable price (definitely lower than what others were giving me).

Computer Problem #2: Literally 2 weeks after my desktop dies, my mom’s 1 year old macbook crashes on me!¬† I’m no mac pro, but symptoms showed that it could be a hard drive failure. I call around again and every shop specializing in macs give me the run around: “We need to do a diagnostic and charge you x amount just for the test..blah blah blah.” I decide to consult Dave since he did such a good job with my PC. He checked the hard drive, literally even removing it, but ended up not finding any issue and ended up reformatting the laptop back to its original condition. He was also able to keep the same settings and save what was originally on the machine before it crashed. Again, he was able to turn over in a reasonable time and gave me a fair price. He even felt bad for having to charge so much more than what he charged me for the PC..but hey, I guess that’s what happens when you work with such a complicated system like a mac!

Computer Problem #3: 4 weeks after the mac problem, I accidentally smash my gf’s laptop screen. I decided to try to fix this myself, but thought I’d give Dave a call anyway to see what his rate would be if I gave it to him. He was very honest and even though he could’ve taken advantage of me by requiring that I purchase the screen through him before he can perform the installment, he advised that I just buy the screen from a third party vendor like eBay and give it to him to install. I ended up installing the screen myself, but kept having minor glitches. I decide to take it to Dave for peace of mind. He checked the laptop and claimed that nothing was wrong. Although, I recall very well that prior to handing it over to him, the screen wouldn’t even light up long enough for Windows to start! I think Dave just has the magic touch. Anyway, he ended up not even charging me a single penny! If it were other techs, they would’ve charged an arm and a leg just to look into the machine the way Dave did.

To sum it up, if you want peace of mind and a job well done at a very reasonable price, I wouldn’t hesitate to give Dave a call.¬†He is¬†one of the most friendliest and honest people I’ve ever met, and will save you from all your PC, laptop, and Mac problems! I would recommend¬†him to anyone and will definitely keep coming back!!
p.s.¬† don’t be afraid if their dogs bark at you, they’re some of the friendliest dogs ever!

Sam W :25/8/2009

Great people, great service.¬† I had a blown out my power supply and brought it into Computer Country after seeing the great reviews on Yelp.¬† The reviews were right.¬† CC called me about an hour me after dropping off the machine saying it was all fixed.¬† When I said that I wouldn’t be able to pick up the computer that day since I was stuck at work until after they closed, they stayed open a little bit longer so that I could come by and pick it up.

I recommended it to a friend and told her how great CC is and she mentioned that her computer is on the blink so she is taking it to Computer Country to have them make it all better.

I give ’em a thumbs up.

Dan W : 6/5/2010

After being quoted almost 2 grand and 5 days by another data recovery outlet I took my computer to Computer Country. I was a little skeptical at first because the place looks kind of creepy from the outside.

Needless to say, everyone there is awesome! They were able to salvage about 85% of the files on my computer and it took them less than a day. Do not take your computer anywhere else!

Grant P  : 7/6/2009

Awesome, just bloody awesome.  Dave and Lorrie were personable and their dog is a doll.
Down to the goods.¬† I had a NAS RAID which blew up after a power outage (yes it was on a surge protector) and another outfit wanted $2800 to “fix” the read heads.¬† Dave looked into the box and found that the electronics were bad.¬† He did manage to pull all the data onto an external drive for me. Very professional and reasonably priced.¬† They are honest and hardworking, two traits becoming less and less frequent these days.
I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Marian G : 3/2/2010

They worked faster than promised, didn’t make me feel dumb, and charged a reasonable amount.
I was also charmed by all the history books in their lobby.
Class act these folks.¬† Class act.¬† They’ll treat you right.

Ann S : 21/3/2008


I took my computer to The PC Club in Burbank and they wanted between $500 to $700 to “repair” my computer.¬† I checked out COMPUTER COUNTRY for another opinion. They were very friendly and after keeping my computer overnight they called me and said “its fixed” plus they only charged¬† me THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS!!¬† i highly recommend them!

Mia G : 10/11/2009

I went here yesterday because I had a nasty virus on my computer. These people are so friendly and easy to talk to. They got the problem taken care of in 24 hours. I was so impressed. My computer is running like it’s brand new. They know what they are doing and their prices are very reasonable.

I have to say that I was very hesitant about trying this place just because I don’t know too much about computers and you never know what to expect. Having said that, I am so happy that I visited Computer Country and plan on going there in the future if anything is wrong with my PC. Very professional, honest and reasonable. Thank you Computer Country for helping me out!

Matt L : 20/7/2010

Honest, friendly, and very reasonably priced.

Went in with a busted PC. Was told where to buy the part I needed cheap and was charged a minimal fee to replace the part.

Great experience.

Adam F : 21/2/2010

Dave, Lorie, and Georgina will take great care of you and your computers at a fast pace, very reasonable price, and with fantastic service. I’ve been sending folks who call me with PC problems out of my normal area of expertise over to Computer Country, and each time they tell me later about how great they were treated and how good the service is. Having been behind the scenes there, I can say with confidence this is one top mom and pop shop.

Jamal Y : 21/5/2010

Extremely knowledgeable and honest… They did not take advantage of me like other shops have tried. I would go there again!! Dave and Laurie rock!!

A M : 26/6/2010

I called Computer Country after Dell told me they no longer carried the parts I thought I needed to repair my desktop.  Lorie, the owner, answered the phone and gave me some useful advice once I explained the problem.

Computer Country couldn’t replicate the problem I was having but they very nicely cleaned out all the dust in my case at no charge.

My desktop seems to be working perfectly and if the same problem–or any other–crops up, I will be taking it back to Computer Country.

As another Yelp reviewer said “Great people; great service!”

Mildred L : 22/11/2008


Excellent service.  I tried a local store on the west side without success This store was recommended by a colleague and yelpers.  Great attitude.  Great service.  Fixed within a day.  And what I really appreciated was that they listen.  I described what I wanted:  save the data.  He thought he might be able to get the laptop up again.  They got the data on one handy dandy DVD and gave me the original hard drive.  He was professional enough to tell me that the computer was confused and not worth saving.

Katie R : 11/5/2010

My boyfriend and I have used Computer Country 3 times now, and each time our computers were returned intact and on time.¬† Once our computer was returned significantly earlier than we could have hoped.¬† The folks that run the place are very friendly, upfront, and unpretentious.¬† Definitely the best place I’ve been to for computer repair!

Louie B : 26/3/2009

Fantastic personable service!¬† I really appreciated Dave and Lorie’s direct and sincere input about my laptop.¬† Basically, to repair outweighed the cost of getting a new one.¬† I got my new laptop.¬† Dave was able to retrieve the data from the defunct laptop and get it into the new laptop which was available the following morning.¬† Dave and Lorie, Thanks for the friendly and fast service.¬†¬† I was in a real jam.¬† I am at the tail end of finishing my credential and Master’s Degree online for Special Education.¬†¬† I will return for future services.¬† ūüôā