Welcome to Common Sense Computer Repair. We’re a home based business located in Sugarloaf, near Stanthorpe, Queensland and we serve the surrounding suburbs.

What sets us apart from many other computer repair shops is that we only speak in plain English with no technical stuff to confuse you. We know our stuff so we can get as technical as you like but it mostly boils down to the fact that your computer is probably just confused and needs cheering up a bit.

Whatever is wrong with your PC, Mac, iPad, Network, Website, E-Mail, we’ll be able to figure it out for you.

We only charge $80 per hour and really most jobs can be sorted out within the first sixty minutes. If it looks like you’re likely to have the dubious pleasure of our company for longer than an hour we will let you know in advance. Sometimes it’s better to bring your computer to us as to remove virus’s properly your computer often needs hours of virus scans to remove them all and repair the damage.

There is no call out charge and, if we can’t fix it, our visit will cost your nothing.