How much will my computer cost to fix?

A basic rule of thumb is that if your computer is relatively straightforward to fix it will be one hour of my time, $80. If your computer is a complete pain in the arse (technical term) I will not allow the fix to go beyond two hours of my time, $160. Between those points is a sliding scale of pain-in-the-arsedness in 15 minutes intervals.

Do you ever charge more than two hours for a job?

Well, yes, sometimes, but not without telling you up front. Some problems take absolutely ages to sort out and if I come across one of these on-site then it can be expensive. To avoid this I like to work on computers in my workshop as it is much more economical.

How long will it take?

On-site repairs will be done while you wait. Workshop repairs will be done straight away and will try to fix it within a few hours but sometimes we get busy. I will keep you posted though.

What is your service area?

We cover Carindale and the surrounding suburbs but will go further afield if necessary and can even fix your computer remotely if you’re too far away. Don’t even think of not calling if you’re only a few km’s outside 🙂

Can I bring my computer to you?

Yes. Some jobs are better off fixed in my workshop as your computer can be working whilst I’m doing other things. Best to contact us first before popping over though as we may be out and we may ask you to bring in peripherals, like your laptops power lead or installation disks.

Is it worth fixing?

Dunno. Once I have had a good look at your computer and its problems I will let you know. In most cases, your computer isn’t worth a lot of money but your data, photos, docs, music, are priceless. It’s easy to take all of the data off of your dead or dying computer and transfer it to your new one.

Can you fix my computer remotely?

As long as your computer is still connected to the internet, yes. With your help and permission I would be able to log in to your computer from home and get you going again.