About Us

I grew up in England and moved to America in 1998. I started fixing computers as a hobby back in 1999 when living in Los Angeles. In 2003 I founded Computer Country, a computer repair shop in Burbank, California and grew it into a very busy and successful business. Burbank is the movie capital of the world and we did plenty of work for Disney, Warner and Universal, as well as the myriad of smaller companies that worked for the giants.

We installed and maintained large computer networks and servers as well as the normal computer shop faire of virus removal, data recovery and system upgrades. We built and sold hundreds of custom computers and I can still build a computer from scratch in twenty minutes.

In late 2010, I sold Computer Country and started a new life in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I didn’t fix many computers but had a wonderful time enjoying the peace and tranquility and concentrated on my hobbies of walking and photography.

In early 2013 I emigrated to Australia and have settled in Carindale, QLD. We have been very busy fixing up our house and now it’s time to go back to the real world and do some work.

I started Common Sense Computer Repair because I feel very strongly that people deserve a trustworthy and affordable service. I believe in using plain English and let my customers know in advance what their options are. You will see from my testimonials that people really appreciate an honest and friendly service and I grew my previous business exclusively through word of mouth.

My hourly rate is┬áprobably less than most companies as I work from home and have low overheads. I strongly feel that you don’t have to rip customers off to build a successful business – I have proved this in the past and I will do so again. It is possible for me to make a few bucks at the same time as saving you a few and this will make us both happy.

Please contact me if you have and questions at all.