$50 re-install of Windows…

Do you have an old computer or laptop knocking around that doesn’t work? Maybe it was full of viruses and you bought a new computer?

As long as there’s no data for me to back up, I will format your hard drive and install a fresh operating system for $50.

If you do have old documents and pictures and stuff that you want to keep then it will be a little more expensive but you’d still get change from $100.

The only thing is I would have to do the work in my workshop as it takes half a day 🙂

Data Recovery

If you have lost important data, photo’s, documents, etc. on a computer, external hard drive, USB drive, CD or floppy then it is entirely possible that we can get it off for you.

If you bought a new computer and all of your documents and stuff is still on your old one then again we can help by grabbing the data and migrating it to the new one.

Copying data takes ages but, when it’s done in our workshop we are able to do other things while the data is being copied so don’t have to charge for every minute. That’s why we don’t like doing data recovery or migration on site.

Recovering data from a broken or damaged hard drive is much more specialised and can be extremely time consuming and hands on. This type of work will be quoted on an individual basis. Sending a drive away for data recovery can cost thousands of dollars but I can assure you that will not happen with us. We do not run up bills on customers.

Slow Computers

Are you thinking of upgrading because your computer really slow now? If it was fast enough for you when you first got it – it is not the hardware that’s the problem.

Your computer is just full of junk and has way too many processes and programs running in the background. It needs cheering up. You will be amazed how quick your computer is when it’s been cleaned up a bit.

Give us a call to make an appointment to give your computer a spring clean.